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FPC On the Air

audio First Parish's weekly radio program, "The Spiritual Life: Growing a Soul and Helping Repair the World," airs Sunday mornings at 6:30 a.m. on WATD, 95.9 FM.

Listen to programs:

1st UU Principle - The inherent worth and dignity of every person

2nd UU Principle - Justice, equity and compassion in human relations

3rd UU Principle - Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth

4th UU Principle - Free and responsible search for truth and meaning

5th UU Principle - The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process

Maintaining the Historic First Parish Church in Duxbury

Conversation with Will Zachman

The Second Half of Life

Annual Q & A Service with Rev. Catherine Cullen

Conversation with the Rev. Paul Shiva Jones

Rev. Paul Shiva Jones Musical Worship Service

Conversation with the Rev. Paul Sprecker on UU History

Conversation with the Rev. Judy Campbell

Conversation with Jesse Juager of UU Mass Action

Plymouth Task Force for the Homeless

Discussion of Addictions Ministry

Is Religion Relevant in the 21st Century?

The Meaning of Christmas in a Post-Christian Society

Unitarian Universalist History, Principles, and Beliefs

Buddhism and Unitarian Universalism:  Rev. Ed Hardy and Kenpo Karten Rinpoche, Part 2

Buddhism and Unitarian Universalism:  Rev. Ed Hardy and Kenpo Karten Rinpoche, Part 1

International Convocation of Unitarian Universalist Women: Margo Adler

Paganism and Unitarian Universalism: Interview with Margo Adler

Silence and Listening: Interview with Ann LeClair

World Music and Unitarianism: Interview with Dawna Hammers

Music, Worship, and Inspiration:  Interview with Nick Page

Music, Religion and Humanity:  Interview with Sarah Moran

The Meaning of Easter for Unitarians with Rev. Dan King

Interview with the Elliot Family

New Orleans in 2012

Interview with Rev. Matthew Westfox of the Interfaith Outreach for Reproductive Choice

Interview with CeeCee Frame

Christmas Eve 2011 Music

Christmas for Non-Christians

Michelle Bates Deakin from UU World Magazine

Jesse Jaeger from UU Mass Action

Rev. Robbie Walsh on Kindness

Sex and Religion with Rev. Debra Haffner

Rev. Dr. Judy Campbell, UU Mystery Writer

UU and Buddhism, Part 2

UU and Buddhism with Rev. Ed Hardy, Part 1

Addiction and Recovery with Mark Dunay

Rev. Jay Libby & Rev. Dan Wilkinson, Part 2

Rev. Jay Libby & Rev. Dan Wilkinson, Part 1

UU United Nations, Part 2

UU United Nations, Part 1

UU Urban Ministry with Rev. Kate Wilkinson

Wearing Our Faith

Interview with Laura Nagel from India

Interview with Vivek Pandit from India

Wearing Our Faith - Rev. Judith Mannheim

The Evolution of Moral Values - Michael Gardner, Worship Associate

Is the Dream Becoming Real? MLK Sunday Service with Sam Williams of UU Urban Ministry

The Gospel According to Norman Mailer - Rev. Richard Fewkes

Christmas with Rev. Dan King

Reverend Eric Cherry

Sister Helen Prejean - Part Two

Sister Helen Prejean - Part One

Unitarian Universalist MassAction

Ethical Eating with John Ambler of Oxfam

Ministry, Part 1

Ministry, Part 2

Our 160th Summer Fair

"Menu for the Future," Ethical Eating, Part 2

"Menu for the Future," Ethical Eating, Part 1

"Helping Haiti" - interview with Martha Thompson of UUSC

"The Age of Entitlement" - Interview with church member Doug Friesen,
Duxbury author of "The Age of Entitlement: How Greed and Arrogance Got Us Here"
which tells the story of the recent meltdown of the U.S. financial system and economy,
is available at Westwinds Bookshop in Duxbury, Borders in Kingston, and on Amazon.com

Interview with UUA President Peter Morales

Interview with UU singer/songwriter Andrew McKnight

The UUSC and Human Rights Part 2, with Charlie Clements of UUSC
(For more on the UUSC, go to www.uusc.org or to the Social Justice page on this website.)

Interview with Partner Church Council founder Rev. Judit (Zizi) Gellerd

Our Transylvanian Partnership with Rev. Sandor Szilard

Helping Rebuild New Orleans, Part 3

Helping Rebuild New Orleans, Part 2

Helping Rebuild New Orleans, Part 1

"HIP," First Parish Church high school youth group

Questions of Faith, Part 2

Questions of Faith, Part 1

Working for Economic Justice, with Joanna Chao Kreilick of UUSC

History and First Parish Church

Young Adults at First Parish Church (YADUUDes)

Interview with Rev. William Sinkford, President of Unitarian Universalist Association, 2005-2009

Our Pilgrim Heritage, with Rev. David Johnson of First Parish in Plymouth

Religious Education at First Parish Church

Working with Social Justice, interview Part 1 with Charlie Clements, President of UUSC

The Future of Unitarian Universalism

Three Generations of UUs

Ministry at Mid-Life

Faith and Justice

Spiritual Practice

Soup Kitchen Ministry

Small Group Ministry


The following programs (as well as those listed above) are available on CDs in the church office:

Our Congregation's History

Questions of Faith, Part 1

Questions of Faith, Part 2

Interview with William Sinkford, former president of the Unitarian Universalist Association






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